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Perfect Match(a) Package | 5-in-1 Box

Perfect Match(a) Package | 5-in-1 Box

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Indulge in the harmonious flavors of our Perfect Match(a) Package, a delightful assortment of matcha-infused treats that will tantalize your taste buds. This exquisite package includes a Hapi Bing Bing Cone Snack for that satisfying crunch, Rich, dark matcha KitKat Mini Biscuits, two delectable varieties of matcha Glico Pocky sticks for a sweet and creamy experience, and a sumptuous matcha O's Gummy Boba Latte that will transport you to the heart of Asian milk tea culture. Whether you're a matcha aficionado or just looking to explore this green tea sensation, our Perfect Match(a) Package is the ultimate blend of taste and convenience for a matcha-filled snack adventure.


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