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Cocoa Loco Package | 7-in-1 Box

Cocoa Loco Package | 7-in-1 Box

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Indulge in the Cocoa Loco Package, a delightful assortment of chocolate-flavored treats that will satisfy your sweet cravings. This package includes Hapi Bing Bing Mini Wafer Cones, a perfect blend of crispy wafer and rich chocolate. Dive into the Hapi Popping Candy Frosted Cookie Sticks, a fun and crunchy experience that combines popping candy with cookie goodness. Enjoy three Glico Pocky Biscuit Sticks, including Almond Crush for a nutty twist, Ultra Slim Chocolate for a classic chocolate delight, and Chocolate for a timeless favorite. And don't miss out on the two Bourbon Mini Cookies - Every Burger Chocolate, a playful mini burger-shaped treat, and Chocolatey Tree Stump, a whimsical and delicious tree stump-shaped chocolate cookie. Treat yourself or share the joy of Cocoa Loco with friends and family.


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